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The Podcast dedicated to bringing you all the information you need on the Plant Based - Vegan Diet and Lifestyle. If you are currently already on a Plant Based - Vegan Diet or just gathering information or easing your way into it, this show is for you. Plant Based - Vegan Athletes, Chefs, Students, Parents, Business Owners, Doctors and everyone in between will be brought on this show to share information, tips, and encouragement. Life is an adventure, so it's always great to have a solid TourGuide to help you on your journey. Pura Vida.
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May 7, 2017

Diane came on the show to tell us about her company: The Naked Tart and you'll find out that besides having a way cool business name, she also has a cool story about her journey to a plantbased - vegan lifestyle.  You'll hear about the story of the motivation for her company and how the motivation came from a conversation she overheard while standing in line.  (A constant reminder for all of us to always be PRESENT IN THE MOMENT as we never know where inspiration and/or motivation will find us).  She saw a way that she could use her skills to make a positive difference and at the same time do something she has a passion for....isn't that what life is all about?  Thanks so much to Diane for sharing with us on this show and for exposing the world to...The Naked Tart.

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