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The Podcast dedicated to bringing you all the information you need on the Plant Based Diet and Lifestyle. If you are currently already on a Plant Based - Vegan Diet or just gathering information or easing your way into it, this show is for you. Plant Based - Athletes, Chefs, Students, Parents, Business Owners, Doctors and everyone in between will be brought on this show to share information, tips, and encouragement. Life is an adventure, so it's always great to have a solid TourGuide to help you on your journey. Pura Vida.
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Mar 12, 2017

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau joins the Plant-Based TourGuide Podcast today to share her vast knowledge about a Plantbased - Vegan Lifestyle, how she found her passion and followed it.  Colleen stays ACTIVE, she has Seven (7) Books (so far) and is the host of the Food for Thought Podcast (Eleven Years of "Addressing all aspects of living healthfully and compassionately" and Animalogy Podcast which is her newest podcast that "discusses animal-related words and expressions we use every day and how they reflect and affect our relationship with animals."

Colleen discusses her "30 Day Vegan Challenge" Program that approaches this transformation in people in all areas of their lives, not just "here are some recipes". Colleen provides information on how to talk to co-workers, family members, what to cook for kids, and everything in between that people encounter on this new journey in their life.  You can find out more here: 30 Day Vegan Challenge

You can find out more about Colleen on her site: Visit Colleen

Colleen advises people to take the steps they're capable of, some people will transition right away to Plantbased - Vegan and others will make one (1) change at a time.  However what she doesn't want to happen is for people to do nothing because they can't make a lot of changes all at once.  Colleen shared a great statement with us that is so appropriate: "Don't do nothing because you can't do everything.  Do something.  Anything."

Mar 10, 2017

Amy Webster, a Food and Nutrition Coordinator for the Humane Society stops by the Plant-Based TourGuide and it was a blast!  Amy talks about her journey to a Plantbased - Vegan Lifestyle and how volunteering in High School at a Wildlife Rehab Center laid the groundwork for what would eventually lead her to the career she loves with the Humane Society.  Amy also gave us some COOL tips on the ChickPea snack that she loves making (I tried making it after the show and EVEN I could make it, so it's definitely a simple and cool and delicious dish!)

Great work is being done with the Humane Society and their outreach program at Schools, Universities, Hospitals and other institutions to not only implement but TRAIN the kitchen staff on how to prepare and cook Plantbased - Vegan Meals ensuring they will taste GREAT!  Incredible concept and forward thinking by the Humane Society, LOVE IT!

Get more info at: HumaneSociety.Org/MeatlessMonday or ForwardFood

You can reach out to Amy here: AmyWebster@HumaneSociety.Org

Mar 7, 2017

Michelle Cehn stops by the Plant-Based TourGuide and tells us all about her super cool journey to a Plantbased - Vegan Lifestyle and devotion to the spread of compassion and awareness to animals and their plight.  Michelle stays BUSY and she does it all so well because it is her core passion and so everything she is doing is never work, always fulfilling her "why" in life.  You'll find a lot more information in the Blog Post about her  View The Post Here and here are resources for her:

Youtube: World Of Vegan On YouTube

Michelle Cehn Website    World Of Vegan Website

Awesome Program she co-created: The Dairy Detox Program

PlantBased Meal Plan

Delish Book She Co-Authored: Friendly Vegan Cookbook

Instagram Accounts: or or


And some awesome organizations that she works with:

VeganCuts and VeganOutreach

Check her out, she is doing a LOT to spread the message and help many!

Mar 4, 2017

Shabaka Amen stops by the Plant-Based TourGuide Podcast to talk about his one of a kind Fitness Bootcamps: PlantFit BootCamp.  He brings a holistic approach to working out, incorporating years of fitness knowledge and experience with his "Innercise Meditation" and extensive knowledge of PlantBased - Vegan Nutrition to bring maximum results.  Shabaka began exercising at just five (5) years of age and hasn't looked back since.  He has been a a large influence on many people, including myself when I was introduced to him when I first started on my Plantbased - Vegan Journey and wanted a Fitness Coach that was also Plantbased - Vegan.  You can get in touch with Shabaka on Instagram: @PlantFitBody and Facebook: shabaka.amen and email him at and Check Out his website: PlantFit Gym to learn more about his revolutionary PlantBased Bootcamp!

Mar 1, 2017

Curt Albright "had it all": Great Job, Great Income, Financial Freedom, seemingly what is the dream.  Yet, he felt "his insides just weren't right" and knew there was something missing.  Curt tells his story on today's Plant-Based TourGuide podcst and how it led to a book that changed his life: "Eat to Live" by Dr. Joel Fuhrman to a Video of a speech by Phillip Wollen that made a huge impact in his life: Phillip Wollen Speech and then his eventual involvement (BIG INVOLVEMENT) in the Humane League and being a major driving force of opening the Charlotte, NC location.  Curt then became heavily involved in the Charlotte VegFest and seeing the numbers grow in a few short years from hundred in attendanc to thousands.  Curt summed it up during our interview when he said: "His world was getting smaller and smaller (while he was centered on himself and how much money he was making with his job, etc) and now it's the opposite, his world is getting BIGGER and BIGGER".  Such great perspective and great things he is doing.